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Subject : Repair the connecting road


Written By : Forhad Ahmd

Dear Sir, I am the permanent resident of your area. I live in Uttarampur Maddam Para. This area is connecting to Chittagong road. More than 300 families live there. In this area connecting road is so much narrow and broke down last 5 years. this road is under Comilla City Corporation, but nobody can take preventive measure to complain to city corporation. Every VIP person assure that they will repair that, but no one can do this. Mayor also assure that he will repair this road., but alas he is failed. Now we are helpless. You are prestigious parliament member and minister of our country. Please try to understand many vehicles are running in this road. Please repair the road for your favorable people who's are respect you there heart. If you do this, we are grateful to you. Best Regards, Forhad Ahmed On behalf of the Villege.