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Subject : Out Of 11 family Electricity Connection Above Full Electricity of Village 21.05.2019


Written By : Md. Elias Kanchon

Dear Sir,

I am Engr. Elias Kanchon, I am from Pakundia Upozila, Narandi Union, Word-04 (Shalonka) [[ Your Known Person ! 1. Mr. Abdul Kadir ,Leadr Pakundia Upozila, 2. Amdadul Haqu, Genaral Secratary Narandi Union Awamileg, 3. Former UP Chairman Mr. Monjurul Haque (Hira).

Respected Sir, My home in Shalonka Road: 01, House/Holding : 32. In Our village almost every house they have electricity availabe from In my home Right after 5 house and Left side after 4 house. We 11 Family is out of electricity. Because From My home Right Side Electricity connected supported by Mr. Abdul Kadir, Unfornantly his total budget of line/Mittar was finished before my  5 house. And Right side was connected supported by Mr. Monjurul Haque (Hira). His Electricity was budget finished before 5 house from my left side. 

Now we are 6 midalclass family are using Side line/ Unlegal line. Another2 Family totally out of Electricity. This is we are saffaing from last 2 years. 

Now: My Question What is our Falt to we are not get service from the Governement. If you need any more information, Just Inform me, I will waiting for your Reply..........

Best Regards,


Email: ( Cell: 01771-927294)