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Subject : Road carpeting incomplete for long time


Written By : ABM Shamsul Arefin

Dear Sir,

I wish to draw your attention towards the unwanted lingering of road construction in our locality. 

The Badarpur Bazar to Birkhal Chowmuhoni road's brick laying and carpeting has been started almost four years ago. The road is almost completed except Zero Aish turn to Birkhal Chowmuhoni. Length of these incomplete road is not more than 1 km.  The condition of the incomplete road becomes all the worst during the rainy season. They cause road accident. At night people sometimes stumble down. Moreover, these pits provide breeding ground for the mosquitoes. 

If this road is ready, it would be an wanderful alternative way to go to Chandina for inhabitantants of surrounding locality.

I would request you to prioritize this road in your development list and and take necessary steps to mobilize this prolonged work. 

Thanking you.

Best regards, 

Arefin, Bamoni Khola ( Kaari Bari)