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Subject : Hathazari to Fatikchari Highway Road


Written By : S. M. Atiqur Reza

Dear MP Sir,

Assalamualaikum. I am an inhabitant of Katirhat upazila. You may know that there are a lot of people have to go to city everyday. As a reason there is moving a lot of mass vehicles . From CU 1 no. Gate to Oxygen the raod is four lane, but from Hathazari to Fatikchari the highway is so narrow. It is so narrow that many times road accident would occur due to lack of this narrow road.  We need a four lanes highway from Hathazari to Fatikchari  very soon. We heared that decision has been already taken for reconstruction of this road but we have not seen any progress.   We know you are a busy man and try to make your area  better. If you do your these tasks  as early as possible, people's measure will end. 


Thank you. Take care. May Allah bless you