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Subject : About politics and contruction for uttar rungunia from choumohoni to ranirhat road.


Written By : Asadul islam chowdhury

Dear Honorable member of parliament,

Assalamulaikom, hope you are doing well by the grace of almighty to let you know some issues about our loving Rungunia Thana. First of all, I would like to let you know that the present condition of the Uttar rungunia road from choumohoni to ranirhat it had been already damaged, and it should be re constructed as soon as possible. On the other hand, there are lots of dirty politics happening by Jashim uddin who is the Ex shibir terrorist in Chittagong university. also his younger brother Moin uddin who is also doing lots of crime in our area. That Is why, am just letting you know these things because you are my honorable member of parliament. I respect you from bottom of my heart. But if the same situation will be remain, I will definitely take other action. However, I have met with our Honorable prime minister while she has visited in New York United nation office for conference last year. Thought, I would complain that to her. But I hope you will take an extreme action about those issues. Thank you so much for understanding our problem!

You have a good day! Joy Bangla Joy Bongobondu!!

Asadul Islam Chowdhury. Member at New York Student League.

From New York. United States.

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