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Subject : Re-structure/Repair the broken roads in your Parliamentary areas


Written By : Sakib Al Rafique

Dear Sir,

It's my pleasure i am writing to you. Please repair and restucture the broken roads which are in your hand in Dhaka-09 areas before next National Parliament Election. I know very well some roads are in the control to repair or restucture to DSCC! You have good image rather than other MPs of Bangladesh Awamiligue. BCB current board would be desolved in October, 2017. Will you be interested to be a candidate as next President of BCB? I know that you were President of BCB in 1996-2001. You would be happy to know that i have also applied as an ambassador of you to represent youself in amarmp website!

Looking forward to hear from you!



Sakib Al Rafique

Member, Bangladesh Youth Parliament (BDYP)

MYP: 183, Dhaka-09.

Cell: +8801713257413